we literally follow this method of beatings; Beatings it is now in the beginning- to beat the world later. Our training is vigorous. At NIMC we run strict schedules and conduct several crucial tests so as to prepare you for the challenges you are going to face in the healthcare world as soon as you step out of NIMC.

Communication Training:

Communications training refers to various types of training to develop necessary skills for communication. Effective communication is vital for the success in various situations. So NIMC molding the students with free communication training, to clear the Interview.

Personality Develop Training:

Personality in practical sense; is an amalgamation of your behavior, attitude and communication skills. Our personality development classes will help you to develop your personality, including: your behavior, attitude and communication skills.

Certification Training

Certification training is very important to clear your Vendor certifications. After completion of your course we will give you the International certification Program training to clear your Certifications.


Placement is arranged on successful course completion. These are done both at entry level as well as at higher level depending on the prior background of the individuals.